Welcome to the Calgary Outdoor Club!

Free to join, and open to any adult in Canada, the COC brings people together in a fun, friendly and inviting atmosphere. We strive to offer a variety of events, with some things geared for beginners, some more challenging things, and lots of 'somewhere in the middle' stuff. And, we attempt to keep events as low-cost as possible. A majority of our events take place in the Calgary area, but occasionally we visit our neighboring provinces or travel further away from home.

Each month we have regular outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, inline skating and canoeing (summer) and skiing, boarding, cross-country skiing and snow shoeing (winter), as well as social events, and "special" events such as white water rafting, caving, and dog sled tours.

The COC is 100% volunteer run. Get more general information, see our membership stats, and read our faqs for more information. Still not satisfied? Contact us with any further questions you may have.

COC Board for 2021-2022

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2021 was held on October 14. The new Board is:
  1. President: Rhonda Scheurer, continuing
  2. Vice President: vacant position
  3. Treasurer: Kim Parkin, changed from Secretary
  4. Secretary: Laura Wytrykush, changed from Director
  5. Director: Leonard Kampel, changed from Treasurer
  6. Director: Karen DeRoche, continuing
See our Volunte ers page for more information.


Please see our COVID-19 Policy for complete details about what is currently permitted with the Calgary Outdoor Club.

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Learn: Cycle Touring: Tour in England - Isle of Wight (D1[40/16/0])
  Skate - Ice: Groundhog Day Skate & Stick @ Stanley Park (D2[6/6/0])
Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[6/6/0])

Meeting: Special General Meeting - Pre-Meeting 2 (D1[50/10/0])
Meeting: Special General Meeting - Premier Membership / Voting Rights (D1[50/20/0])
Learn: Cycle Touring: River Rhone Cycle Route from the Alps to Avignon (D1[40/15/0])
Ski - Cross-Country: XC Ski at PLPP - Relaxed Pace - All levels welcome) (D3[6/5/0])
Learn: Cycle Touring: Logistics on the Tour (D1[40/14/0])

Ski - Cross-Country: XC Ski at West Bragg Creek (D2[6/2/0])
Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[6/6/0])
  Skate - Ice: Bowness Lagoon Skate (D2[6/4/0])
Ski - Cross-Country: XC Ski at West Bragg Creek (D2[6/5/0])

  Snowshoe: Rummel Lake Snowshoe (D3[6/4/0])
Hike: Cox Hill (D3[6/4/0])
  Hike - Urban: Discover YYC City Lights: Pearce Estate Park / St Patrick's Island / East Village (D2[6/5/0])

Learn: Zoom + YouTube: Snow Shoeing (D1[40/10/0])
  Hike: Barrier Lookout (D3[6/5/0])

  Skate - Ice: Bowness Lagoon Skate (D2[6/6/0])
Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[6/7/0])

Ski - Cross-Country: XC Ski at Confederation Golf Course (D2[6/3/0])
Ski - Cross-Country: XC Ski at West Bragg Creek (D2[6/4/0])
  Skate - Ice: Farewell February Bowness Skate (D2[8/8/0])
Learn: Cycle Touring: Tour in Croatia - Interior, and Istria Peninsula (D1[40/14/0])
  Skate - Ice: Skate & Stick @ Stanley Park (D2[8/6/0])
Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[8/6/0])
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