Sat, Jul 11 2020 - Ha Ling Peak -- Relaxed Pace (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Duane
Participants:Duane, Mel, - - - -Ryan--Copeland- - - -:), Alison, Irina, Amir, Jamie

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Write Up:
So as per usual, summer weekend traffic to the mountains was horrendous but today might have set an all time new record! It was pretty much bumper to bumper until you reached the Kananaskis highway 40 turn off where the poor folks who were heading that way found themselves stuck in a roughly 2km lineup for the exit ramp. Thankfully that's where our misery ended as the Trans Canada completely opened up the rest of the way into Canmore. Parking lots throughout the area were jammed forcing many to park along shoulders that were lined with no parking signs. Needless to say we got off to a very late start at the trailhead but I'm happy to report everyone made it!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to enjoy the newly renovated Ha Ling Peak trail and I must say its a huge improvement. The trail has been shifted right from the get go making the initial ascent less demanding before eventually rejoining the original route. After awhile the trail shifts again this time offering up a previously nonexistent lookout point with fantastic views of the reservoir below. In addition, you will notice plenty of stone and wooden steps as well as sections of chain link guard rails to assist hikers in their quest to reach the summit.

Many thanks to a wonderful group of COC'ers for joining me today. It was an awesome afternoon in the rockies!

See you next time!

Sunny D