Calgary Outdoor Club +More - Volunteers

Calgary Outdoor Club +More - Volunteers

Julie: Manager, Event Coordinator (Since February 2015)
Lynda: Content Editor
Wendy Wong: Content Editor
Duane: Photo Historian, Event Coordinator (Since June 2007)
Sylvia(1) A.: Social Media Manager, Event Coordinator (Since February 2005)
Yannick: Francophone Liaison, Event Coordinator (Since March 2012)
David Meisner: Disabilities Ambassador, Event Coordinator (Since June 2011)
Marg: Disabilities Ambassador, Event Coordinator (Since September 2004)
Rhonda S: Founder, Webmaster, Event Coordinator (Since May 2003)
Roy Scarisbrick: Technology Advisor, Event Coordinator (Since August 2007)

See our Job Descriptions for more information.
Event Coordinators
Barbara B.
Benn C
Bruce F
Cheryl :)
Darrell Howard
Frank V
Grant P
Jason Sokolosky
Jim F
Jim Fischer
Judy T
Len M.
Leonard Kampel
Lorrie W
Maggie S
Marcel B
Mike W
Noel Sam
Peter H.
Rhonda K
Ryan R
Shelley R
Sibel (Mushroom)
Tanya M

We are always looking for Event Coordinators. If you think you may be interested, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator(s), Julie at

Event Coordinator (Since February 2015)

Julie was born and raised in small town Langley, British Columbia, and made the choice to move to the big city of Calgary, the land of opportunity and cheap housing, in 1999.

She joined the COC in 2009 to meet active people. Dodgeball, albeit intimidating, was her first event and it was there she met a great group of people who made her feel welcome, liked to have fun and shared her passion for exercise.

Wanting to become more involved in the club which is a great network for active people, she became the Membership Committee Lead in late 2014 with the goal of optimizing member and coordinator involvement, and keeping the calendar full of opportunities to enjoy life to its fullest! As of October 1, 2023, she took over running the COC from the founder, Rhonda, and hopes to keep the club thriving.

Some of the activities you can expect her to coordinate are bike riding, pickleball, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and some fun social events.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Julie.

Content Editor
Originally from Ottawa via Sherbrooke, Quebec, Lynda has lived in Calgary since 1980, with a nine-year break spent in Invermere and Golden, British Columbia. She’s called Calgary home (again) since 2001, and has been an enthusiastic member of the COC since 2005.

With the exceptions of hiking, skiing, cooking and eating, this COC content editor loves nothing better than to fix a typo, spelling mistake or an awkward sentence.

Lynda also enjoys snowshoeing, bicycling, camping, canoeing and dabbling in other outdoor activities as well as social events, and is always open to new adventures.

If you notice any problems with the website content, please send them to Wendy, Lynda or Laura at

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Lynda.

Content Editor
Wendy Wong
Wendy has called Calgary home since she was 3. She didn't discover winter sports until forced out of hibernation due to a volunteer commitment. Once she realized she was not going to freeze to death, she decided to check out what she had been missing. Unable to convince friends to join her in her quest of things new and different, she ventured out on her own - from paragliding to snow shelter building. Her goal is to try at least one new sport (or race) per year, so when she saw dogsledding on the COC event list, she knew she had to join!

With an art and teaching background, Wendy is able to spot a typo in less than 30 seconds and constantly fights the urge to correct all spelling errors and crooked wall hangings. However, members need not be afraid of (or avoid) her as she has no authority to expel you from the club for spelling mistakes!

When she is not running or hiking/snowshoeing, Wendy is out enjoying her favorite or new culinary and cultural/artistic happenings.

If you notice any problems with the website content, please send them to Wendy, Lynda or Laura at

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Wendy Wong.

Photo Historian
Event Coordinator (Since June 2007)

Duane, a die hard Sens fan (is there any other kind?), was born and raised in Ottawa where he lived for almost 20 years before moving to Saskatchewan. After a few years working at “Corner Gas” in “Dog River”, he decided it was time for a change so he packed up and headed off to Calgary in 1998.

Duane has actively participated in team sports such as ice hockey and volleyball over the past several years. He also loves the mountains and enjoys exploring the many hiking trails within the Kananaskis region. His favourite hike of all time had to be Northover Ridge in June ’06 where he didn’t find his way back to the car until after 1:30 in the morning. Armed with only a pack of matches, he created a torch out of his walking stick burning most of his clothes by the time he had made it back to the parking lot (he’s been receiving flashlights as gifts ever since).

In the spring of 2007, Duane’s faithful hiking buddy moved away to Vancouver, kick starting Duane's interest in the COC. His plan was to seek out a fun group of people to share the odd hike with but ended up with a lot more than he bargained for. With so many great events to choose from he was instantly hooked and quickly decided he wanted to become more involved as a COC volunteer. Although he loves to hike it is more likely you will find him coordinating various sporting events such as soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, hockey, ice skating and rafting.

Duane is always up for an outdoor activity and makes every effort to proceed with an event even if the weather is less than ideal (the friends he dragged along for an afternoon raft on the Bow during a hail storm will attest to that!!) He’s the type that generally sticks to the plan but is never opposed to modifying the itinerary if it is likely to improve the overall experience for the group. Duane’s number one priority on any event is to have fun and stay safe. He will always make an effort to ensure each participant feels included and comes away with a positive experience.

Submit event photos to Duane at

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Duane.

Social Media Manager
Event Coordinator (Since February 2005)

Sylvia(1) A.
Sylvia lived in Calgary and Banff many years ago, and returned to Calgary in 1996. In between, she travelled the world and lived in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Her outdoor interests include biking, inline skating, ice skating, hiking, snow shoeing, downhill and cross country skiing and camping. In the winter, she supplements with swimming, pilates and weight training. She believes in the importance of giving back to her community and volunteers extensively with various organizations throughout the year.

Sylvia coordinates urban biking, inline skating and urban hikes as well as bowling and other social events for the COC.

As the COC's Social Media Manager, Sylvia:
- Manages accounts and settings for COC's social media accounts
- Manages posts and content on COC's social media accounts

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Sylvia(1) A..

Francophone Liaison
Event Coordinator (Since March 2012)

Yannick left the province of Quebec for Calgary in 1998.

His outdoor interests are cross-country skiing, all types of cycling, skating, badminton, team sports and a lot more.

He will be coordinating cycling events, but also plans to bring diversity to the club by hosting all sorts of events. His cycling events will be at a moderate to fast pace, but he will make sure to regroup often so no one is left behind.

Colder weather or showers will not stop him, to an extent, and he will usually stick to his planned itinerary, but a bit of exploring or side trips are possible.

Contactez Yannick à l'adresse e-mail

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Yannick.

Disabilities Ambassador
Event Coordinator (Since June 2011)

David Meisner
David is an avid outdoorsman and has been an enthusiastic participant in the Calgary Outdoor Club since July 2004. He has a developmental disability on the autism spectrum and is the COC’s Ambassador for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

In addition to hiking, David participates in backpacking events, skiing, skating, snowshoeing, cycling, go-karting, laser tag, rollerblading, gymnastics and other sport/adventure activities, as well as our volunteer activities such as Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Tree Wrapping in Fish Creek Provincial Park, and Trail Maintenance in Kananaskis Country. David attends sometimes with his mom, Margaret , or, if Marg isn’t into it (ie. go-karting, laser tag), David may attend with one of his favorite support partners. David’s other interests include off-highway quading and skidooing and he works for the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee part time.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by David Meisner.

Disabilities Ambassador
Event Coordinator (Since September 2004)

Marg was born in Taber and moved to Calgary right after high school to pursue post-secondary education. She discovered the club through some hiking friends and joined in 2004. She likes the wide range of activities available for varying ability levels, and the friendly people she meets through the COC. Marg is a slow-paced hiker who likes to stop to enjoy the views, catch her breath and take a few photos. Marg's out-of-town events may be changed to an urban or alternate activity if possible unsafe driving conditions become an issue.

Marg coordinates hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, multi-night easy-to-moderate backpacking trips, cross-country skiing, skating, and camping. One of her passions involves assisting people with disabilities to be active and included in mainstream community life.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Marg.

Event Coordinator (Since May 2003)

Rhonda S
Rhonda was the founder and first president of the Calgary Outdoor Club and has performed nearly every other administrative position with the COC, often concurrently.

In 2003, Rhonda stole the Outdoor Club idea from the Atlanta Outdoor Club, which was started by a friend during Rhonda's 14- month stay in Atlanta. The COC was the third 'sister' club after the AOC and MOC (Maryland Outdoor Club), and has now spawned even more clubs, including the TOC (Toronto Outdoor Club), and EOC (Edmonton Outdoor Club).

Rhonda’s main interest in the early days of the COC was hiking and hike-like activities (backpacking and snow shoeing). Rhonda’s main interest now is cycling, especially self- supported cycle touring. Since 2011, Rhonda has toured in Australia, England, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Luxembourg, Switzerland and, of course, Canada.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Rhonda S.

Technology Advisor
Event Coordinator (Since August 2007)

Roy Scarisbrick
Roy is an IT Consultant who came to Calgary from Central Alberta on a work transfer in 1987. His outdoor interests include skiing and cycling and he also enjoys home brewing. He joined the COC in 2007 looking to meet more mountain bikers and coordinates die-hard mountain bike events for us. Roy says that his all-time favorite trip is to mountain bike Lake Minnewanka. He generally sticks to his planned itinerary and says that fitness maintenance is always an objective when he goes out.

Roy's company, Headway Systems, provides web site services to the COC. Roy participates in a volunteer capacity as the COC's Technology Advisor. With many years of support and development of the Andwa calendar system (which powers the COC), Roy advises on proposed changes to the web site, and other technical changes and challenges.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Roy Scarisbrick.

Event Coordinator (Since November 2009)
I was born and raised in the cold and flat terrain known as Winnipeg. I eventually left the cold terrain and moved to (an almost as cold and flat place) Edmonton to pursue graduate studies, and after five years I moved to Calgary in 2001 to complete an internship. I secured a great job after my internship ended in 2002 (in Student and Enrolment Services at the University of Calgary) and have been there ever since.

In the summertime you can likely find me on the tennis courts or on hiking day trips to the mountains. In the winter I often stick closer to the city, participating in activities like urban hikes and volleyball (and we can’t forget social events!), but I hope to get out into the mountains more during the winter with activities like snowshoeing, and I’d like to learn how to cross-country ski.

I coordinate events such as easy to moderate hikes, urban hikes, social events, and tennis. I hike at a slow pace and enjoy hiking with other slower paced folks while enjoying the scenery and keeping the group together.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Anna-Lisa.

Event Coordinator (Since July 2008)
Barbara B.

Barbara is a downtown person during the week, but always aims to escape on the weekends. She loves discovering new places, and areas that offer something unique generally make it to the top of her list. Throw in some bushwhacking or a view of a glacier and she will be there. Winter activities include primarily alpine touring and cross-country skiing, while summer events generally involve hiking, backpacking, and scrambling. Barbara loves to go off the beaten path and get up high to experience those great mountain views. As many of her events go off- trail, you should always come ready to explore. Bring a smile and a sense of adventure, and don't be in a rush to get back to the city.

Recent highlight trips include backpacking the North Coast Trail, the West Coast Trail, a mountaineering week based out of Bow Hut, an alpine touring trip based out of the Campbell Icefield Chalet, and a multi-day trip kayaking the Broken Group Islands. Other favourite hikes/scrambles/backpack/ski events to date include Abbot Pass, Skoki, Observation Peak, Mount Temple, Eiffel Peak, Grinnell Glacier, Birdwood Traverse, Mount Tyrwhitt, and hiking in Arches and Canyonlands national parks. There are so many places to discover, yet never enough weekends! 0

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Barbara B..

Event Coordinator (Since August 2007)
Benn C
Ben likes kayaking, trail running, hiking, bushcrafting, backpacking and overnight trips, not necessarily in that order, amongst other things. He is usually trying to learn something new, has wanderlust and likes to travel to places he has not been to before. He is certified by Paddle Canada as a kayak instructor and by the Outdoor Council of Canada as a field trip leader. Ben organizes activities year round, including his favourite, winter camping, but is a much better snowshoer than a skier. He also has a goal of being the oldest participant in a trail run race so he can finally win his age group by default.

On his days off, if he is not doing any of the above, you will find him at the movies, enjoying food somewhere or out riding his motorcycle. He is the proud owner of a headband that says, “I run so I can eat,” (and so that the jelly cream donuts know where to go).

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Benn C.

Event Coordinator (Since July 2007)
Beth has lived in Calgary since 1988 and has found a passion for activities outdoors, and in the mountains in particular. Initially a Ski Friend, she showed Lake Louise guests some of the best runs and snow at the ski resort. Now she would like to explore the outdoors with others from Calgary. Her interests include skiing (both downhill and cross-country), hiking, backpacking, skating (both ice and in-line), snowshoeing, cycling, and kayaking, and is up for new adventures.

Beth is interested in coordinating trips that have a good fitness component -- but can also stop to take lots of photos and bask in the amazing part of the world we live in.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Beth.

Event Coordinator (Since October 2009)
Bruce F
Bruce was born in Ottawa, but he considers Calgary to be his hometown and Banff his playground. He loves hiking, x-country skiing, and above all, socializing after an event. Bruce likes to maintain a moderate pace for events, yet doesn't mind if the group takes its time or even stops to take in the scenery. He tends to stick to the "classic" hikes and gets inspiration from Kathy and Craig Copeland's "Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies." Bruce's main goal as a coordinator is for everyone to have fun.

In his remaining spare time, Bruce is either busy working on a BA in European History or spending "quality time" with his little furry friend named Rusty.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Bruce F.

Event Coordinator (Since February 2013)
Cheryl :)
Life has a way of giving you what you need - if you're open to it. That's how Cheryl ended up back in Calgary after 30 years. She grew up in Montreal, and moved here in 1980 when her Dad was transferred. The time wasn't right, and she headed back east 1.5 years later. She spent the better part of the years since her return raising her children. Life has happily brought her back here at a time when she most appreciates what this city has to offer.

Cheryl has worked with the Red Cross and is on a Search and Rescue team, so safety is paramount. She has a 'No Getting Hurt' policy on her trips – it’s just not allowed. She likes to do just about any outdoor activity, in any weather, and prefers the unbeaten path over the well-worn route.

Cheryl organizes a variety of events - running, biking, hiking, skiing and dancing - whatever! She is open to suggestions.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Cheryl :).

Event Coordinator (since September 2023)
I was born and raised in Calgary. After watching my wife, Julie, participating in COC activities, I decided to join in 2010 playing dodgeball at first and then attending some snowshoeing, skiing and hiking events later. My first passion is downhill skiing which I have done from a very young age and my second passion is road cycling. Other activities that I enjoy are cross-country skiing, fat biking, hiking and golf. As a new retiree, I am lucky to enjoy these activities on a regular basis. The events that I will be coordinating will be a variety of the activities mentioned above at an intermediate/advanced level.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by colin.

Event Coordinator (Since July 2022)
Darrell Howard
Hello, my name is Darrell Howard and I’ve lived in Calgary since 1989. I originally arrived for school, but with Calgary’s abundance of parks, pathways, hikes, paddling opportunities and proximity to the mountains, I stayed.

When not working as a non-profit manager, I enjoy spending time in local parks with my dogs; hiking, cycling, kayaking, paddle boarding, cross-country skiing, camping and running. I also enjoy gardening and photography.

I’d like to coordinate local hikes and cycling trips, as well as easy to moderate hikes nearby. While I ran my first 1/2 marathon this year, my days of fast-paced, competitive action are behind me and a steady, manageable pace suits me just fine. I’m ok with somewhat uncooperative weather, but count me for diehard adventures in bad conditions. If I know the area I’m in well, I don’t mind adapting the planned itinerary to make it the most enjoyable experience possible for those joining in.

My hope is that we enjoy the trips together by creating a supportive atmosphere and acting as good stewards of the places we explore.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Darrell Howard.

Event Coordinator (Since May 2021)
Fanny moved to Calgary in 2004 to be able to enjoy the mountains after spending few years in BC. She is originally from a small town in Quebec. She grew-up exploring trails from the back of her horse but now you will find her exploring running or hiking. She is very social and likes learning about other people. Her goals while coordinating events are to help people of all levels to enjoy the outdoors, exercising and have fun. Her main activities are: running, hiking, scrambling snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. She also enjoys doing long backpacking trip (John Muir Trail, Wonderland Trail) and running long distance races around the world. Other interests are: volunteering, cooking & eating a lot (vegan) and learning different languages.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Fanny.

Event Coordinator (Since June 2008)
Frank V
Frank has been in Calgary since 1989 after spending a few years in Regina, Saskatchewan. The mountains and outdoor activities definitely played a big factor in his decision to move to Calgary and nowhere else.

All his free time has been filled with a variety of activities like tennis, hiking, scrambling, rock climbing and road biking. In the last few years, Frank added river kayaking and mountain biking to his list of activities. One of the highlight of his biking has been the Golden Triangle in one day in 2004. Both downhill and cross-country skiing are in his repertoire for winter days.

You can join Frank most likely on biking and cross-country skiing trips with moderate to difficult ratings.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Frank V.

Event Coordinator (Since June 2014)
Grant P
Grant has lived in Canada nearly half of his life, but originally came from Yorkshire. He started rock climbing in 1995 and eventually progressed to ice climbing. He moved from the Niagara peninsula to Alberta in 2005 when he decided winters were getting too short. While riding his bike to an ice climb, he decided it was fun and he ought to do more of it. He now has three bikes, but still climbs plenty.

Grant is not so active with the COC in winter, when he is mostly found ice climbing. In summer, you'll find him on various biking events. He'll be coordinating a mix of beginner to intermediate events. Don't be surprised to see Grant pushing his bike up hills or falling off - he has no shame.

Grant will often let the group make decisions, provided its safe and everyone is comfortable. As coordinator, he does reserve the power of veto. He wants to ensure everyone has fun and makes it home OK. Scrapes and bruises are acceptable, but not missing body parts please. If ever someone on an event of his is uncomfortable with the pace or with any other aspect, please let him know and adjustments will be made.

Grant may also organize other types of events occasionally, but whatever the activity is, fun, smiles, and apres event refreshments are all welcome.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Grant P.

Event Coordinator (Since August 2008)
Jason Sokolosky
Jason has lived in Calgary all his life, and still enjoys getting out to the mountains. He is an avid runner and cyclist. Jason has run more than 10 half-marathons in the past few years. He was tired of his friends always being too busy for outdoor activities, so he joined the COC in 2005 to meet more people and expand his variety of activities.

Jason is an engineering manager and works locally for a Silicon Valley computer company. Thanks to his job, Jason has done a lot of traveling to all parts of the world including Israel, India, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, and all over the U.S.

In the summer, Jason likes to go mountain biking or hiking, and in the winter, cross-country skiing or running. He likes events with a high degree of physical intensity, but doesn't consider himself technical, and would rather play it safe than risk an injury. In general, he sticks to the schedule but isn't afraid of a little off trail exploring when the time permits.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Jason Sokolosky.

Event Coordinator (Since February 2006)
Jim F
Jim is a former Winnipegger who does midweek events primarily to avoid traffic and crowds. He very much enjoys mountain biking and downhill skiing.

Jim supports various charities such as GBCTA, WINS, Habitat for Humanity and hopes to again host his Mega Huge Mustard Seed Garage Sales. That's always a COC event and your participation would be greatly appreciated!

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Jim F.

Event Coordinator (Since March 2020)
Jim Fischer
Jim was introduced to the Rocky Mountains at the age of 15 and he’s been hooked ever since.

Over the years he has run outdoor adventure programs for the Canadian military, private and public schools, youth organizations, and others. A career change eventually turned him into a finance professor at Calgary’s Mount Royal University, but he continues to volunteer his time assisting others in experiencing the outdoors.

Jim’s trips revolve around hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, X-country skiing, mountain biking, fat-tire biking, and trail running. In an effort to introduce more people to the great Rockies, he delights in organizing trips where novices are welcome. If you’re with him on a summer trip, he’ll stop frequently to smell the flowers. In the winter, halts are often called to identify animal tracks or to dole out hot chocolate from a thermos. He loves to hear about the adventures of others, and usually ends up adding to his own bucket list as a result.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Jim Fischer.

Event Coordinator (Since April 2008)
Judy T
Judy moved to Calgary from Ontario in November, 2006 fulfilling a promise she made way back in 1994 when she first saw the Canadian Rockies. After spending over 15 years in the automotive industry (and mostly missing out on a life), she packed it all in and drove to Calgary with high hopes and not much else. Fortunately, an energy services company took pity on her, offering her a job to keep body and soul together.

After spending her first winter exploring Calgary (and not venturing outside of the city limits), she found the COC through a co-worker and promptly joined up just to get out into the mountains.

Judy’s passion has always been hiking and she can often be found spending the entire weekend out on the trails. In 2008, she tried snowshoeing for the first time and found that it’s just like hiking only on bigger feet, so now she can finally say that she enjoys winter in Canada.

Her favorite hike so far has been to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon, but she has also enjoyed the Iceline in Yoho and Mount Lady MacDonald in Canmore.

Judy co-ordinates hikes on the moderate side. She likes maintaining a fairly regular pace but is more than happy to stop for pictures, munchies or to just ogle the scenery. Although she hates getting her head wet, inclement weather is not a major problem and she will almost never miss a hike, no matter what the forecast.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Judy T.

Event Coordinator (Since May 2022)
Kirsten was born and raised in Germany.

She moved to Calgary in 1994 and still loves the city and surrounding area. On evenings or weekends, you will find her "somewhere outdoors" in a city park, the mountains or on a nice patio .She enjoys traveling and has organized many trips for Canadian sports teams to Europe. In 2008 she discovered the Calgary Outdoor Club. Enthusiastically she has participated in a variety of events from kayaking, card games and hiking to paintball or mini golf.

Her longest lasting passion has been disc golf.

Kirsten's events will be fun events and on the easy side of physical.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Kirsten.

Event Coordinator (Since May 2008)
Len M.
Originally from Montreal, Len has lived in Calgary since 1977.

On a day hike in 2007 he became hooked on the mountains and was soon hiking and backpacking regularly. When the snow came, he couldn’t sit still, so he took up snowshoeing, another keeper! His events are normally rated moderate, but he’s been known to do the easy ones and some difficult ones, too. Recently, any of Len's spare time is used up trying to figure out his GPS. When he gets it worked out, there will be no stopping him.

His other interests include rock climbing, volleyball, yoga and working out regularly. He also enjoys the performing arts and is especially fond of live theater. He has a bit of a crazy sense of humour which he says is inherited from his mom. When Len is not in the mountains, he works as a Project Manager in the Alberta residential construction industry.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Len M..

Event Coordinator (Since October 2011)
Leonard Kampel
I will be coordinating hikes and snowshoe events. My events will be at a variety of paces to appeal to beginner and intermediate adventures.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Leonard Kampel.

Event Coordinator (Since January 2015)
Lorrie W
Lorrie is one of those rare native Calgarians who just has to be constantly active! Having the mountains in her “back yard” as a child, she found her renewed love for the mountains later on at a turning point in her life and was introduced to the COC in April 2006. Through the COC she has made some great new friendships and rediscovered her passion for outdoor activities.

Working as a professional accountant, she found the best way to achieve a work/life balance was to commit to weekend outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, running, downhill skiing, snowshoeing and kayaking.

She loves to travel and has a genuine interest in meeting people from all over the world. Her travels have taken her to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Peru, Cuba, Nepal, Iceland and of course, within Canada and the U.S.

She enjoys taking friends and out of town guests into the mountains to experience her passion for outdoor activities. Having always being told she should do this for a living, which she knows won’t pay the bills, she has done the next best thing and will coordinate events through the COC in activities she is currently passionate about. In the winter, these would be downhill skiing and snowshoeing and in the summer, hiking and running. Her goal is to ensure all skill levels can participate and have fun!

Lorrie contributed to the COC on the executive team for six terms - two terms as Director, two terms as Vice President, and then, finally, two terms as President from October 2018 to October 2020. She has now retired from presidency and is our Past President.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Lorrie W.

Event Coordinator (Since January 2016)
Maggie S
Maggie has lived in Calgary since 1992. She was born and raised near Lloydminster and subsequently lived in Edmonton, Newfoundland and New York before settling down in Calgary. Her favorite place to be is outdoors, in the mountains, on a tennis court, in or on the water. She hopes to coordinate tennis, easy hiking and biking events, connecting these events to food.

Favorite saying: "If you think you are too small to be effective, then you've never been in bed with a mosquito."

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Maggie S.

Event Coordinator (Since April 2005)
Marcel B
Marcel grew up in a small town in New Brunswick and always had a desire to see the west and explore the mountains. He came out here in 1980 and has been here ever since! Marcel is retired after working for Canada Post for 34 yrs. He now gets to hike every day!

He enjoys almost any activity in the mountains. In the summer, he mainly hikes and scrambles, and in the winter enjoys cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Marcel joined the COC in May of 2004 and enjoys the new (and familiar) faces on events, and the positive atmosphere which makes participating in and organizing events so easy. He coordinates hikes, scrambles, and backpacking.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Marcel B.

Event Coordinator (Since November 2012)
Mélanie was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec. In the summer of 2004, she drove across the country to Vancouver. After a few months, she decided to explore the mountains of Alberta and briefly visited Calgary but then...never left! She has been an active member of the COC since 2008, met hundreds of good people and became friends with many of them. She is thankful for meeting everyone and being part of this amazing Club.

Her outdoor interests are mainly hiking, camping, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. She also started running in 2011 but let's see where it goes. Mélanie likes to welcome new members and has a "no one left behind" policy on her events. Weather is not usually a big concern unless safety is an issue. She is looking at coordinating mostly urban events – hiking, cycling, rollerblading, climbing stairs, etc.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Melanie.

Event Coordinator (Since September 2013)
Mick came to Calgary from England in 2001. He only intended to stay for a couple of years, but enjoyed the proximity of the mountains so much that he never left.

His main outdoor interests are hiking and skiing of all types. He also enjoys backpacking, snowshowing, and any activities that get him out into the great outdoors.

Mick's all-time favorite hikes include the circuit of Mt Blanc and backpacking through the wilderness areas of NW Scotland. In the Rockies, he loves the alpine lakes at the end of the Galatea trail, and the wild flower meadows of Healy Pass.

Mick will coordinate easier hikes, at a steady pace, where we can take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Mick.

Event Coordinator (Since September 2004)
Mike W
Mike has been in Calgary for many years, drawn to the mountains from the relatively flat surroundings of Montreal and Ottawa where he grew up.

He is interested in most wilderness activities, particularly if they include a trip to the pub after! In the summer, he spends his time scrambling, mountaineering, and rock climbing. In the winter, he enjoys downhill, cross-country and backcountry skiing.

He joined the COC in 2004, and has served in the past, as a Director and head of the Safety Committee. Mike coordinates scrambles and skiing events, usually in the difficult to advanced range.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Mike W.

Event Coordinator (Since November 2011)
Noel Sam
Noel has been in Calgary since the mid 1980s. He came from a tropical island called Mauritius where there is no snow but there are lots of hiking trails and beautiful beaches. Noel owns a business. His background is in Computer Science and he is also an Auto Mechanic Journeyman.

He has always enjoyed outdoor adventures. Every year, he tries adding one new sport and one new ski hill to his bucket list. He enjoys hiking, camping, mountain and road biking, downhill skiing, swimming in the ocean and snorkeling, kayaking, and snow shoeing. He also likes badminton, ping pong, squash, volleyball, soccer, photography, keeping fish (salt water and fresh water) and playing with all kinds of electronics.

Noel plans on coordinating skiing, hiking, camping and kayaking events at a moderate pace. On occasions, he will organize events specifically for advanced or for beginners. He loves trips that require staying overnight like going to Whistler, Whitefish, Fernie, Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, Castle Mountain, Purcell Mountain Lodge, etc.

Noel loves trying out new things to keep life challenging and fun. He has been trained as a Canadian Ski Patrol (CSPS) and also a ski instructor (CSIA). He is a cancer survivor (from several years ago) and does not take life for granted. He volunteers a lot with cancer patient programs.

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Event Coordinator (Reinstated March 2024)
Peter H.
Originally from Germany, I came to Ontario in 1997 and loved the wide open land in Canada. In 2008 I moved to Calgary and started to embrace the winter for the first time in my life. The blue skies, dry air and the snow got me out of the house. I joined the COC in the summer of 2009 and started hiking and scrambling, later cross country skiing and mountain biking. I plan to coordinate various activities (Cycling (road, mountain, pathways), XC-Skiing, Hiking, Kayaking), in general intermediate or advanced level and, when possible, with a social get together after the event.

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Event Coordinator (Since June 2023)
Rhonda K
I've always lived in Calgary and try to enjoy the mountains as much as possible. I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. I am mostly retired and will be coordinating weekday hikes. My pace is pretty relaxed and moderate; I like to enjoy the scenery and the company of fellow hikers.

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Event Coordinator (Since May 2022)
Ryan R
Ryan has been in Calgary most of his life. He is self-employed, both as a custom software developer, and doing landscape maintenance. His outdoor interests include hiking or other activities that are reasonably low impact to get out and enjoy nature. He would like to try geocaching, canoeing or sea kayaking and is interested to learn survival and bush skills. His other interests include gardening, building things around the yard, inventing solutions to problems, building community and volunteering.

As an event coordinator for the COC, Ryan aims for a prompt start time on events, which are usually urban hikes in local parks, exercise-related events (hill training, stairs, etc.), possibly yoga in the park, plus volunteering events. For hiking and exercise events he prefers a brisk pace – 5km/hour and up. He gets enough rain/wind/whatever when doing landscape maintenance so he prefers fairer weather for events, although he won’t necessarily cancel an event just because it’s a bit windy or drizzly.

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Event Coordinator (Since March 2010)
Shelley R
Shelley has been in Calgary for close to five years now. She's originally from the Vancouver area, but after school in Victoria, she left the West Coast to work in Dawson City, Yukon for eight years. Initially in Calgary on a year off to work and ski, she ended up liking it here enough to move officially. Shelley loves to spend the summers hiking and backpacking, and the winters XC and downhill skiing. Jogging helps make it all easier, and indoor climbing rounds out the mix of fun stuff. Before moving to Calgary she rode and drove horses, and knows a thing or two about music.

When Shelley isn't spending her days teaching humanities and music to the next generation of outdoors people, she coordinates climbing, running, skiing and hiking events. She might consider overnight trips, rollerblading, socials and horseback riding on occasion as well.

She's not afraid of bad weather, but does her best to pay the weather bill to make sure the order for sunshine or fresh snow comes through. Her trips will stick to the trails and the original plan for the most part, but she doesn't mind some adjustments to the plan to better fit the group.

Shelley tends to move at a moderate pace (moderate by short leg standards, anyway!), but she's patient and doesn't mind waiting for slower hikers, and she welcomes all likeminded speedy hikers on her trips. On her events you count on the chocolate always being packed, and the bear bells only being permitted for accompaniment purposes at carolling sessions that fall between Dec. 20th and Dec. 25th. See you on the hills, walls, trails or pathways!

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Event Coordinator (Since Apr 05)
Sibel (Mushroom)
Sibel was born in Europe. Having lived in Calgary for 31 years, she has developed a fondness for anything and everything to do with the outdoors.

Sibel joined the club in October 2004 because she was looking for a change in her life. After returning from abroad, the club was a welcoming change to her ordinary routine. As an elementary school teacher, she has found her primary communication skills to be quite useful when on club outings. Sibel served the club as its VP of Communication from 2005 to 2007. Now she is looking to incorporate her boys Wolf and Zander in outdoor ventures.

Sibel is a year-round hiker. As she is coordinating hikes which involve kids, look out for urban hikes, with the possibility of hikes outside the city. These hikes will be stroller and child- backpack friendly, expect random stops, starts and finishes near playgrounds, and if coffee can be found, that will be a bonus! Her all time favorite hikes include the Sentinel Pass, Cirque Peak and Grizzley Peak. Plus treks she has done in SE Asia and Turkey!

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Event Coordinator (Since May 2023)
Tanya M
Tanya grew up in BC, bushwacking through the forests and mountains and exploring the lakes and rivers in her backyard, where she developed a lifelong love for being active and outdoors. She hikes, runs, snowshoes, kayaks, and bikes in all seasons and all weather.

She'll mostly be coordinating intermediate level, moderate paced hikes but may coordinate other events as well. She looks forward to meeting you on the trails.

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Event Coordinator (Since June 2022)
Zosia came to Calgary from Poland in 2008. She feels forever grateful for the COC club, thanks to which she met amazing friends and got inspired to spend time in the great outdoors. Zosia is passionate about most wilderness activities (especially hiking, scrambling, cross-country & backcountry skiing), travelling and variety of cultural events. Fun fact: she commutes to & from work by bike year- round.

Zosia is looking forward to share her experience and love for being active in the nature with others!

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