Calgary Outdoor Club +More - About Us

Calgary Outdoor Club +More (COC) is a volunteer-run organization , promoting outdoor activities in and around the Calgary area. COC's objectives are to:

  1. Organize and conduct recreational group events to permit its members to participate in outdoor sporting and recreational activities
  2. Build community through group participation in outdoor sporting and recreational activities
  3. Promote and encourage its members to:
    1. Organize and participate in outdoor sporting and recreational activities,
    2. Live a healthy lifestyle,
    3. Increase their awareness of safety issues while organizing and participating in events,
    4. Increase their knowledge and skills of various outdoor and sporting activities, and
    5. Be aware of good stewardship practices relating to nature, the environment, and the outdoors.
  4. To provide and maintain an online website for its members to facilite the organization of events and the registration of participants

COC is a recreational organization, not a professional organization and does not subscribe to any sets of standards laid out by a national or international association. As such, we do not require volunteers to pass, provide, or write any kind of certification recognized by any national or international authority. All of our Event Coordinators and administrators are all volunteers who donate their time and efforts to organizing fun filled events for members.

COC was originally founded in April 2003. Statistics regarding the club can be found on our Statistics page.

Membership is open to any interested adult, regardless of his or her experience level.

A Virtual Clubhouse

The web site is the backbone - the "virtual clubhouse" - of the COC. Individuals can sign up for membership online in a matter of minutes. They can network with other members, interact with the volunteers, and register for upcoming events. The lack of overhead required by a physical office permits the club to continue to offer free memberships.

Looking For More Info?

Our FAQ and Membership Info pages contain the answers to the questions we hear most often from those who are signing up for membership.

Any questions for which you cannot easily find the answers online should be sent in via our online form or directly to