Welcome to the Calgary Outdoor Club!

Free to join, and open to any adult in Canada, the COC brings people together in a fun, friendly and inviting atmosphere. We strive to offer a variety of events, with some things geared for beginners, some more challenging things, and lots of 'somewhere in the middle' stuff. And, we attempt to keep events as low-cost as possible. A majority of our events take place in the Calgary area, but occasionally we visit our neighboring provinces or travel further away from home.

Each month we have regular outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, inline skating and canoeing (summer) and skiing, boarding, cross-country skiing and snow shoeing (winter), as well as social events, and "special" events such as white water rafting, caving, and dog sled tours.

The COC is 100% volunteer run. Get more general information, see our membership stats, and read our faqs for more information. Still not satisfied? Contact us with any further questions you may have.

COC's COVID-19 Policy

Please see COC's COVID-19 Policy. NOTE: Allowed group maximum changed to 6 as of Nov 24

News of Interest to COC

See new Board on our Discussion Forum called "News of Interest to COC". You will need to sign up for an account on the discussion forum - it is not connected to the COC web site.

New Executive Team for 2020/2021

The COC has a new Executive Team as of the AGM on October 22nd. Please see our Volunteers page for complete information on your current team.

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  Meeting: 20/21 Exec intros, platform, and Drink from the Boot (D1[100/39/0])
Hike - Urban: Douglas Fir Trail Walk (D2[10/10/0])
  Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[8/9/0])
Camp: Winter Camp (D2[6/4/0])
Hike - Urban: Weaselhead Area Urban Walk (D2[8/3/0])
Meeting: Executive Committee Meeting - Finish Team Transition (D1[20/8/0])
Hike - Urban: Douglas Fir Trail Walk (D2[8/6/0])
Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[10/11/0])
Hike: Tom Snow / Ridgeback Trails (D3[8/4/0])
Hike - Urban: Weaselhead Area Urban Walk (D2[8/7/0])
Hike - Urban: Douglas Fir Trail Walk (D3[10/8/0])
Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[10/5/0])
  Hike - Urban: Discover YYC: Stanley / Roxboro / Lindsay Parks (D1[6/6/0])
Hike - Urban: Weaselhead Area Urban Walk (D2[8/2/0])
Meeting: Town Hall - Membership Structure and Fees (D1[100/20/0])
Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[6/7/0])

Hike - Urban: Douglas Fir Trail Walk (Thursday evening this week) (D3[6/3/0])
Hike: Prairie Mountain Hike in the Daylight! (D4[6/5/0])
Hike - Urban: Weaselhead Area Urban Walk (D2[6/4/0])

Hike - Urban: Discover YYC: Britannia Slopes / Sandy Beach / Glenmore Dam (D2[6/6/3])
Learn: Intro to Self-Supported Cycle Touring (Rhonda-Style) (D1[40/17/0])
  Hike: Fullerton Loop - Evening Hike (D2[6/3/0])

Meeting: COC Newsletter Brainstorming Session (D1[100/4/0])
  Sport - Golf: Disc Golf Matinee @ Forest Lawn (D3[6/6/1])
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